Covid swab leads to cancer diagnosis.

Melissa Pruski*, Joseph Rogers*, Ebru Nayci*, Ricardo Ramirez*, Sabina Shukurova* * American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine A 20-year-old obese female without significant past medical history presented to the emergency department complaining of 2-month history of unresolved headache, nasal congestion, bilateral otalgia, right being worse than left, and intermittent fevers. Patient was afebrile and vitals were normal at ED. Patient complains of a sore throat consistent with right-sided lymphadenopathy. Patient reports 20 lb unintentional weight loss within 2 months and denies any further symptoms. She has taken Tylenol, Mucinex, Zyrtec without relief. Patient was previously diagnosed with sinusitis … Continue reading Covid swab leads to cancer diagnosis.